Name: Antye Greie
Birth: 1969 in East Germany
Resident: Hailuoto/ Finland
E-mail: agf@poemproducer.com
Artist Main Websites: poemproducer.com , antyegreie.com


sound, composition, [e] poetry, calligraphic art, moving and still image, music, voice, music production, a/v performance, digital media, sonic installations, internet performances and communication, interactive and participatory arts, music for silent films, audio films


Antye Greie also know as AGF was born and raised in East Germany. She is a vocalist, digital songwriter, producer, performer, e-poet, calligrapher, digital media artist. In the last decade Greie released 20 full length records and played over 300 live performances worldwide.

The start of her solo work was marked by the artistic exploration of digital technology. On her first solo album HEAD SLASH BAUCH (Orthlorng Musork 2001), she converted fragments of HTML scripts and software handbooks into a form of electronic poetry and deconstructed pop.

The follow-up work, WESTERNIZATION COMPLETED, won an Award of Distinction at the 2004 Ars Electronica festival. Her collaboration with Sue Costabile involving live audio-visual improvisation resulted in the 2006 AGF.3 + SUE.C CD/DVD release called MINI MOVIES (on Asphodel). 2008 releases WORDS ARE MISSING exhibiting composition and calligraphic art and DANCE FLOOR DRACHEN (AGF Producktion) experiment with absence of poetry and repetitive statements on reduced or complex rhythms.

The artist produces visuals for her live performances and installations showing calligraphic stills and experimental video. 2009 the album EinzelkŠmpfer and an audiovisual installation Reflections On The Wall followed and regained wide attention.

Her poetry, which she converts into electronic music, pop songs, calligraphy and digital media, has been presented as live performances and sound installations in museums, auditoria, streets, theatres, concert halls and clubs throughout Europe and in North America and Asia in festivals such as Ars Electronica Linz, Sonar Barcelona, Transmediale Berlin, GRM Festival Paris, Roskilde, Sync festival Athens, AudioVisiva Milan, Intern. Open Book Festival Moscow, Sonic Acts Amsterdam and staged solo performances in venues like Pompidue Paris, ICC Tokyo, Akademie der Kuenste Berlin, ICA London and many more

Greie's installation work began in 2000 during a residency at the Berlin contemporary art centre Podewil, she staged an open source event by inviting the public to contribute sound and visuals into the performance, 2001 she wrote the exhibition sound track Berlin Klang for the Main Sonar Exhibition in Barcelona, where she also put up a guerilla performance in the space attracting other artists and audience participating, 2004 in collaboration with Vladislav Delay she exhibited 21 sound pieces into black boxes and placed them into a white cube at the Garage Festival. 2004 she wrote a 50 meter wallpaper poem into a Rotterdam Exhibition Hall. Her works have been part of many group exhibitions and festivals.

Her latest installations have been audiovisual pieces in the Internet.

Other projects include the German electronic duo Laub, The Lappetites, AGF/ DELAY (with Vladislav Delay), THE DOLLS (Vladislav Delay and Craig Armstrong) and Zavoloka/AGF, collaborations with Craig Armstrong, Ellen Allien, Gudrun Gut, Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews, Annie Abrahams.

AGF runs her own production company AGF Producktion .


AGF Cover Story in the avantgarde music magazine THE WIRE MAGAZINE
Word processing in Berlin with polystylistic laptopper and digital poemproducer By Keith Moline 2006

Signal To Noise Summer 2008: AGF breaks music academic's restraining order on rhythm and experimentation... with far more advanced take on the rapprochement of technology and the flesh than most.

THE WIRE 02/2008: ... a highly-yield adventure in the still relatively uncharted zone between music and language

Cokemachineglow.com: ... in the Eliane Radigue-puts-out-the-hottest-dance-track-of-2008 sense

Vital Weekly: The music by AGF is highly personal music

NY Times Arts & Leisure section 10th feb 2008: ...engrossing and puzzling...

Other Music review: She impresses with its multiple possible applications: A score for a dance piece; an example of the combination of modern composition and pop; or just plain good listening for all of those who work on computers too much.

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